Thursday, July 22, 2010

Transformer Bumblebee Costume Review

One of my families favorite times of year is Halloween, hands down. We usually start stocking up on decorations and start looking for costumes about three months before Halloween. This year we will be looking for cheap costumes because of the economy.

As a mom, I not only look at the price but I also look at the quality of the costume. I have two very active, very rough boys and need to look for boys Halloween costumes that will last through their schools Halloween parade and through Halloween night. It’s a bonus if I can get a costume that will last even longer because they like to play superheroes once Halloween is over.

Another thing I have to keep in mind is that I live in Michigan and it’s usually pretty cold outside on Halloween. The kids don’t want to wear coats because they would have to cover up their Halloween costumes. Who wants to cover up their Halloween costume? We try to look for costumes that have a little room to add layers of clothes or is big enough to fit a jacket underneath the costume.

As I was searching the internet for Halloween costumes, I came across a Transformer costume for my four year old son. He loves Bumblebee and this costume was the best looking one that I saw. He normally wears a size 5 so I ordered him the child’s size small (4-6) Transformers Bumblebee Costume. After I received the costume in the mail, I had him try it on and play in it for a couple days. What do I think of this particular costume?

The first thing I noticed when I put it on him was that the costume fit perfectly, which is good right? If he was going to be trick-or-treating indoors it would be perfect but he will be outside, which means he would have to put a coat on over his costume. If your child normally wears a size (4-6), I would suggest ordering a size up if you live in a cold climate state.

Something else I noticed on this costume was that the back closes with two small round velcro tabs. I would prefer a tie back since my boys are so active that these two tiny velcro tabs will be pulled off in a heartbeat. I guess the positive side of the velcro tabs is that it is easy to get the costume on and off.

How did I like the mask? There have been several costumes, in the past, that I have bought with a mask but could not put the mask on because there wasn’t adequate breathing space. That is not the case with this mask. It has an area between the eyes and nose, chin and mouth and a hole under the nose on the mask that allows him to breathe while wearing the mask. Having a mask that is safe and allows him to breathe freely is a big plus.  

Would I suggest this costume to friends and family? I can honestly say that I would tell my friends and family about this costume. It’s a very colorful costume, easy to put on and take off and the best part is, my son loves it.


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