Thursday, August 26, 2010

Grab-A-Scab Review

I had a unique opportunity to receive and review some fabric sticker patches called Grab-A-Scab. There are several different designs to chose from and you can even design your own scab. I was sent the skull and crossbones one and the two Scabbee character ones to review.

These stickers were designed to be patches for the knee area of children's clothing but you can use them for so much more. You can use these sticker patches on water bottles, folders, back packs, helmets and more! My 9 year old put a skull and cross bone patch on the back of a zip lock bag to use as a pencil pouch for school. It was his way of putting his touch on it.

Grab A Scab
The pencil pouch my 9 year old made with his scab

The Grab-A-Scab stickers are durable and machine washable. They do not tear or fray or easily peel off. The scabs have a foam backing on them and are made of a foe leather material. This is fast and easy fix to those holes on your kids knees because there is no sewing or ironing. You just peel the backing off the sticker, pull the fabric tight to match up the rip and place the scab over the hole pressing firmly around the edges of the sticker. If there is no material left, place a small patch of cloth behind the rip. 

Grab A Scab
Different size scabs make it easy to customize your items

I thought they were really cute and the colors were bright and vibrant but I did notice that you have to have some finger nails to get the backing off the sticker and you have to pull a little harder than a normal sticker to get it off the backing paper. Other than that they were easy to use and very durable. Usually my kids have things torn up within a matter of minutes but with the Grab-A-Scab's they just think they are too cool to ruin.

I could see moms who scrapbook using these in some way or if you are a teacher, maybe getting some scabs as a classroom reward. There are endless possibilities for using a Grab-A-Scab!

I would totally recommend these to any parent. Check out their website at: for more information and ordering.


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