Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Do Ghosts Really Exist?

I'm sitting here watching Ghost Hunters because there is NOTHING else on. That and I've watched the show ever since it first appeared on television. Sometimes I wonder if spirits really do exist around us.

I mean, people believe in heaven and hell so why not believe in the afterlife? My mother-in-law says ghosts do not exist and that any earthbound spirits are demons. I'm not sure I really believe that.

I personally never had any weird experiences with the afterlife but I'm sure there are those people that have. Either that or they are completely nuts. My guess is the latter of the two but I'm no shrink and who am I to say if they believe what they have seen, heard or felt?

Some of the stories are so out there that you can't help but laugh. I know I shouldn't laugh at people who may or may not be suffering from some kind of mental condition but I just can't help myself. One lady, not on Ghost Hunters but on Ghost Stories, said she was sexually assaulted by a spirit!! Say WHAT? How the heck can you be raped by a ghost? I'm almost wondering if she was in a deep sleep and was actually assaulted or was just dreaming of having sex.

All I'm saying is I've never seen or heard or felt a spirit/ghost. I've also never seen, heard or felt Jesus but that doesn't mean he doesn't exist. So, what are your thoughts about ghosts? Do you believe or are you a skeptic?

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