Sunday, October 2, 2011

Tonka XT Ricochet Trickster RC Review

The car we received
My kids and I had the opportunity to try the Tonka XT Ricochet Trickster Remote Control car thanks to BzzAgent. Before the package came, I was pretty sure that my boys would have the car demolished before the end of the first day. I will admit when I am wrong and this is one of those times.

The controls were a bit too complicated for my six year old to figure out but my ten year old LOVES this car. He was able to be as rough as he wanted and the car still works great after two weeks of using it. The thing he likes best is the fact that the car can do some flips.

Another thing he really liked is that the car does a trick called buzzsaw spin. You push a button on the controller and the car spins in circles really fast one way and then changes directions. My understanding is that the cars feature one of three tricks but with practice you can learn all three. So far, he's only mastered the featured buzzsaw spin. 

One side of the car is green and the other side is blue so it's basically like getting two cars in one. We did notice that the car tends to get stuck a lot and has to be nudged sometimes. I don't know if this is from running it on the carpet or if the dogs fur got stuck in the wheels. One place we didn't try the car is outside because it's for indoor use only.
You know how sometimes the cars run on the same frequency and you can control one car with two different controllers? Well, the thing I liked about these cars is that there are three different frequencies that the cars can run on. That means if you have three kids that have a Tonka XT Ricochet Trickster RC, you just switch the frequency to 1,2 or 3 and everyone can play with their cars at the same time.

One of the things I didn't like were that it requires five AA batteries for the controller. This can get expensive. A plus is that the car doesn't need batteries. You connect the car, with a retractable cord, to the controller to charge up the car.

A major bummer for me was that it takes about 20-30 minutes to complete the charge. With that charge you only get 15-30 minutes of play time. I didn't like that because they just got into doing tricks and having fun and it was time to charge the car again.

Even though there were some flaws, the main fact is my kids really liked playing with the car. That is a huge bonus in my book. So, would I recommend this car to other moms and dads? I sure would. Like I said, the kids loved it. I can live with buying batteries for the controller and I can even live with the fact that they only get 15-30 minutes of play time out of a single charge. Face it, a kids attention span isn't very long and they tend to get bored after 15-30 minutes anyway. 

Now that you know how we enjoyed the car, want to know where you can get one? You can pick up a Tonka XT Ricochet Trickster RC at Walmart, Target, Toys R Us and Kmart for $24.99. I think it would make a great Christmas present for kids 8 and up, even though the box says for 6 and up. The controls just made it too difficult for my six year old to work.

Disclosure: I received a Tonka XT Ricochet Trickster RC for free to review. I was able to do this because #imabzzagent. The opinions of this product are 100% my own. You may have a different opinion of this product.

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