Sunday, October 2, 2011

Weirder Than Marshmallows eBook Review

This post will be about an eBook I had the opportunity to read and review. It's called Weirder Than Marshmallows. It's a book of essays and observations by the late Dan Fogg and was compiled and edited by his mom Deborah Carney.

I wanted to review this book because it seemed like something I would be interested in. The description I was given was that it was about things that actually happened. Who doesn't like true stories that could possibly make you laugh?

As I read, I really didn't understand where the humor came in to play. It's does get you to think about things that you see or read every day. More like the stupid things you see or read.

One of the things that made me a bit angry was on page 9 called: Liquid Flame. Towards the end of the chapter it talks about kids being "dumbasses" and that we need to "lock them all in cages until they turn 21." As a mom, I find this excerpt EXTREMELY offensive. To tell people to lock children in cages is not right in any way. There are stupid people that will read this and say, "Well, the book says we should lock them in cages because they are dumbasses."

I pretty much lost all interest in what I was reading at that point but continued on because that's what I was picked to do. Read it and give my honest opinion . After reading a few more chapters, I realized that it really wasn't a book but more of a personal journal of things that happened to the author.

Some of the chapters, which are only a page or two long, do get you to think about stupid things that you may have seen in your everyday life that was weird. Like, did you ever read the back of the shampoo bottle? Who needs instructions on how to use shampoo? Yet there are instructions on how to use it. That's kind of an example of what can you expect to read in this eBook.

While I appreciate what the author was trying to do, I really didn't enjoy the book as much as I probably should have. It's not that it was boring or stupid in anyway, it's just not what I was expecting or my kind of reading interest. I like a funny book but in my opinion, this just wasn't that funny. I'm not saying that you might not think it's funny because you may have a different sense of humor than I do. You would have to read it for yourself and form your own opinion.

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