Friday, December 2, 2011

Bringrr - Missing Phone Alarm and Car Charger {Product Review}

The holiday's are quickly approaching and I want to make your shopping experience a little better by bringing you products I think you or someone on your Christmas list might enjoy. Today, I'm bringing you a product for those tech savvy people on your list.

The product is called Bringrr. So what is Bringrr and how does it work? Bringrr is two in one product used to help you never forget your cell phone again and it's also a car charger.

Bringrr plugs into your car's power port and turns on when you start your car. Using Bluetooth technology it quickly searches for your phone. If it's not in the car, Bringrr glows red and beeps to let you know you've left your phone behind. When paired correctly, Bringrr glows blue.

It's very easy to setup!
1. Plug Bringrr into your car's power port (cigarette lighter)
2. Put your phone into pairing mode
3. Press and hold Bringrr's pairing button for three second.

Bringrr adapts to many USB devices.
Your Bringrr will come with two cables: Mini-A (Mini USB) and Micro-B (Micro USB). Bringrr powers any device that charges from a USB port, including most smart phones and many cameras, GPS, and MP3 players. Works with devices by Apple, HTC, Motorola, RIM, Samsung, and most others. Supplies 500mA.

I was able to try out Bringrr and was impressed. I was happy to find two different types of USB cables because my phone has a mini-A and my GPS has a Micro-B. This way I can have one charger for both devices and I don't have to worry about grabbing several different cords when I leave the house.

When I first setup my phone with Bringrr, my phone was getting an error but I read the directions again and you just dismiss the error message. As long as Bringrr is glowing blue, then you know your phone and the device are properly paired.

Bringrr is small enough to fit in my purse or coat pocket and can be easily stored in a glove box. If you have a cup holder in your console, don't worry, it will fit in that too!

The bings that Bringrr sounds off isn't that loud but it is loud enough to get your attention when your phone is not with you. I forgot my phone in the house one day and Bringrr let me know by sounding off and glowing red. Once I hooked my phone up to Bringrr, the light blinked, sounded a beep and started glowing blue to let me know my phone was found.

This device retails for $34.95 on

Disclosure: I received a free sample of Bringrr to review. No monies were given or received by me. There was no promise of a positive review and all thoughts of this product are 100% my own. You may have a different experience or opinion of this product.


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