Saturday, December 24, 2011


Guest post written by Derick Burks

One of my favorite things about Direct TV Lexingtonis that we can watch new releases any time that we want without ever leaving the house. With little children it is really tough to get out of the house to go to see a movie. We have a seven month old and a two year old, and we have not been to the movies since our second one was born. We used to go to the movies all of the time, but with little children that has become virtually impossible. Instead, we rent movies through our program provider. It is a bit more expensive that getting a movie from Redbox, but it is way more convenient. The closest Redbox or Blockbuster is about 10 minutes from our house, so we would rather stay in than have to drive out to rent a movie. Plus, since we never get to go to the movies, we are always interested in the new releases. It is comical how our lifestyle has changed since we have had kids. I am so thankful for our two healthy children, but we certainly have had to do life differently since they came along.


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