Monday, December 12, 2011

Oral-B Stages and Oral-B Crest Pro-Health For Me Party

We had the opportunity to try Oral-B Stages and Oral-B Crest Pro-Health For Me products recently. Our party kit contained:
  • Oral-B Stage III Brushes
  •  Pro-Health FOR ME Brushes
  •  Oral-B Stages Flossers
  •  Pro-Health FOR ME Paste
  •  Pro-Health FOR ME Floss Picks
  •  Pro-Health FOR ME Rinse
  •  Cars II Gummy Vitamins
  •  Disney’s Cars II Movie DVD
  •  Recipe & Activity Ideas
  •  Cars II Playdate Invites
  •  Balloons
  •  Popcorn/boxes for guests
  •  Guest Gift Bags
My kids helped me put together gift bags for our guests. They thought it was pretty cool that we had themed invites to send to the people they wanted to invite. We made sure that each guest received samples of all the products in our kits and we even held games and gave some of the samples away as prizes.
After we learned about the different Stages offered by Oral-B and learned about healthy and non healthy foods, we decided to watch the Cars II DVD. Before we put the DVD on, we made popcorn for the kids. They loved getting their own popcorn boxes.


They kids and even the adults enjoyed watching the movie. After the movie, the kids all thought it would be fun to break out the balloons and burn off some of that energy. We held a contest to see who could keep their balloon in the air the longest.



After all the popcorn and food they ate, it was time to put some of those products to the test! First they tried the floss picks and then it was the toothpaste and mouth rinse. All the kids said that they loved the bubble gum flavor and the hint of mint on the floss picks.

We loved hosting this party and look forward to our next product party. It's a great way to meet other parents and get together with friends and family.

Disclosure: We would like to thank the folks over at Oral-B and Crest as well as MomSelect for giving us the opportunity to host this party. We received an Oral-B party kit in exchange for hosting this party. The thoughts and opinions in this post are 100% my own. You may have a different opinion or experience with these products.


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