Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Day at the Splash Pad

Today the temps are in the 90's and what better way to cool off than to play in water. Our city has a pretty cool splash pad and the best part is that it's FREE! It's called H2O Zone Spray Ground.

This was our first time at the spray ground and I was impressed. I only noticed minimal papers/garbage in the grass surrounding the splash pad but the pad itself was clean. You could smell the chlorine and I noticed a worker testing the water a few times while I was there.

If you want to be in a shaded area I suggest getting there early. There aren't many spots in the shade. I was lucky enough to get under a tree. There is lots of grassy areas around the splash pad so you can keep an eye on your little water bugs.

I think the favorite attraction was the dump bucket. Kids of all ages would wait for the bucket to fill and splash down on them. The fun can last for hours because the park is open from 10am-8pm.

Don't worry, if you have really little ones, there is a section perfect for them. It features crocodile heads sticking up from the pad while water shoots out their noses. I noticed a few little ones trying to pick the crocodiles noses. If the crocodiles are a bit much for them they could just play with the water spouts coming from the ground.

When the kids get tired of playing in the water there is a HUGE play ground with several play structures. It's a great park to take the family for picnics and I did notice there are two pavilions that you could probably rent/use for a party.

I enjoyed the day cooling off with the boys and look forward to going back again soon!



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