Friday, July 13, 2012

CharmStrandz Product Review

Summer vacation is in full swing but back-to-school will be here before we know it. We had the opportunity to try out a cool new fashion accessory called CharmStrandz. They have bracelets and zipper pulls for boys and barrettes, bracelets, charm hair extensions, earrings, headbands/headwraps, ponytail holders and zipper pulls for girls.

Little A CharmStrandz

The boys were able to each pick out a zipper pull and three charms. "Little A" picked out a colorful zipper pull with a dragon (he thought it looked cool), skull and cross bones (it reminded him of pirates) and a sun (for summer). "Big A" picked out a blue zipper pull with an orange beta looking fish (because he loves fish), a soccer ball (because he likes soccer) and a sun (for summer). A couple of the charms have glitter on them but they don't look girly.

Little A CharmStrandz Picks
Big A CharmStrandz Picks

When we got our charms and zipper pulls, I was a little confused as to how to open the clasp on the back of the charms. There wasn't any directions. Luckily I had some jewelry pliers and was able to open them. We slid the charms onto the zipper pull and squeezed the clasp shut. Also, there are small parts so I would NOT recommend these for kids who are under 3 or that like to put stuff in their mouths.

My boys have been wearing their zipper pulls all over and seem to really like them. As you can see from the pictures below, they aren't wearing them on a zipper. Knowing how much my kids like them, I'm pretty sure that once school starts the kids in their classes will like them too. They may even ask where we got them from.

Little A CharmStrandz 2
Big A CharmStrandz

Even though I noticed that these items are made in China and the thought of lead in the paint crossed my mind, I do like the zipper pulls because the kids can put them on their back packs, lunchboxes or coats so they can find their items with ease. Plus, they can pick out charms that represent who they are or what they like.

The prices aren't too bad! The zipper pulls cost $2.99 and the bracelets cost $2.99. You can put up to 5 charms on the zipper pulls and up to 6 charms on the bracelets. The charms cost $1.29. I think I will be buying some more charms so the boys can change up their zipper pulls from time to time.
If you are looking for a birthday present or a cool new back-to-school accessory, be sure to check out CharmStrandz at

Disclosure: Special thanks to Chrissy at CharmStrandz for the opportunity to review your product. We received two zipper pulls and six charms in return for our honest opinion about their product. Our thoughts and experiences may differ from yours.


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