Friday, July 27, 2012

Heelys Radical New Styles

Heelys are a great way to get out with your family and get active if you can master Heeling. Did I mention that Heelys came out with a new line? We had an opportunity to try out a pair of Heelys  new line of shoes. Here is some information about their new line:
For more information about the new line, you can read the
Heelys Press Release.
Heelys will be introducing three brand new lines for Fall Winter -- the first in company history -- an athletic shoe, a shoe made specifically for girls and a street shoe with improved outsoles.  • The first new line features athletic shoes that are substantially lighter than traditional Heelys, making them ideal for students who play sports or have active lifestyles.
 • The shoes in the second line look more like street shoes than any of the previous Heelys. They have low profile "skate outsoles" that make skating easier.
 • The third new footwear line, called "Lifestyles," was designed especially for females. It includes more fashion-forward colors and styles. Heelys has never designed a line just for girls/women. These lines will be available mid July 2012.

 Fall/Winter 2012 look book available mid July 

The pair we received was for my 6 year old. He picked out shoes that blink when he walks, which he thought was cool. His Heelys have a double wheel heel since it is suggested that you start out which that type of shoe if you have never used Heelys before.

He is still trying to learn how to Heel around. He gets frustrated very easy and he is afraid of falling. For the time being he is using his Heelys like shoes but we will continue to get him to try. I'm sure once he gets the hang of it he will be all over the place.

The lights are really bright and go around an H on the side. I also love the fact that these come with velcro straps rather than laces. He is not very good with laces yet. Like I said, he gets frustrated easily.

I tried taking a picture of him wearing them but he wouldn't let me let go of him.  I had to take a picture of the shoes by themselves.

Disclosure: We received a pair of Heelys in exchange for our post. A special thanks to Heelys and TrizCom Inc for having A Mom From The Burbs give our feedback. Our opinions are 100% our own. You may have a different opinion of Heelys.


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