Friday, July 20, 2012

KOA Flint Holly Review

We went on our first camping trip as a family. It went pretty well. We all had a great time. Let me share with you our thoughts of the campground we stayed at.
Our cabin a side view of the cabin

We stayed in a two room Deluxe Cabin from 7/17-7/20/12 at the KOA in Holly, Michigan. The cabin had a/c, a mini fridge, microwave, very small (maybe 15") flat screen tv with Direct TV Satellite, a double bed and two sets of bunk beds. The cabin was clean when we got it and served it's purpose.
it was nice having a/c. double bed.

One of Two Bunk Beds Second set of bunk beds

One of the things that disturbed me was that the a/c unit had a hornets nest but it was outside the cabin and the electric box on the outside also had a hornets nest. Thankfully my kids didn't get stung. Also, the photos of the Deluxe Cabins on the flyer in the office look NOTHING like what we had.

What was our thoughts?
Not really sure why they call it a Fun Park. This was the Office/General Store
Our first impression of the KOA Fun Park in Holly, Michigan, pulling into the campground, was that it hadn't been updated since the 1970's. The office/general store building looked old but had lots of stuff inside. You could get food items, t-shirts, magnets, ice cream, pool toys and even bags of dirt to mine.

The pool was also older and could use some work. The walls of the pool and the steps were green but the water wasn't dirty. I did notice that the lots are not very clean. They had some cigarette butts and some bits of paper and debris that could have been picked up. The workers do come by on their golf carts and pick up the garbage bags from out in front of your lot which is nice. No going to a dumpster.
The pool!! It was kind of old as you can see and the steps and walls were a little green. I think they need to clean a little better than what they have been.

The roads are gravel and the lots are gravel but most are pull through. I only noticed electric and water hookups and the dump station is very small. I also noticed some workers on golf carts helping campers to their sites.

What are some of the amenities?
They no longer have pedal boats but they do have the aftermath. The campground has mini golf but the turf looks worn down and there were weeds in parts of the play area.
the mini golf that could use some help The mini golf, which could use some help.
The bathroom/shower area looked fairly updated and was for the most part clean. Just your minor night bugs that had been smashed. The showers smelled a little because it's well water but I saw workers cleaning the bathrooms. I didn't check out the laundry area which is on the end of the bathroom building.

On the left side of the bathrooms is a nice pavilion that looks new. It was nice sitting under it while the kids played on the bounce houses. They have a slide and a bounce house. They also had three concrete slabs that were built like bowling lanes with pins and rubber bowling balls that the kids played with. Something else that might be new is the zip line. I didn't see anyone go down it. There is also a sandy volley ball area for those who like to play.
The play area Zip Line
Slide Bounce house
Bowling The sand play area
The play structure was a hit with the kids in the park. It looked fairly new and had a small climbing wall and several slides. Again, the play area was fairly clean. I only noticed one plastic water bottle and a shoe insert on the ground under the play area.
Checking out the play structure. It was HOT!

They have a train but didn't run it or the wagon or have any activities for the kids in the activities building while we were there which was a bummer. The game room was kind of a joke. Most of the games were broke or not plugged in and the candy that was in the machines looked like it was from Halloween. Gross.
Arcade on the left and activities room on the right. They didn't have any activities while we were there. Inside the "Game Room" as you can see, not so popular.
The campground rents out these three and four wheel bikes. The two seat one below is $8 and a single seat is $5. We rode the four wheel bikes which were fun but man once you get to the end of the campground, it's all uphill and it basically kills you. It was a good workout!
This looks fun

It wasn't the cleanest or the best campground I've been to but it was alright. The kids enjoyed their time in the park but if you are looking for stuff to do outside of the park, good luck. You have to drive 18-20 miles away or go down the road to Groveland Oaks where you can rent paddle boats, go down the water slide, hit the beach or fish.

Disclosure: This review was written by myself. I was in no way contacted to write this review. The thoughts and opinions are from my own personal experience of the park. You may have a different opinion of this park.

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  1. I’m not used to staying at campsites like KOA, but since we rented an RV a few weeks ago, I realize that if we do it again, I need to do some research. We didn’t plan, and ended up in a Wal-Mart parking lot on night. I’m sorry it was a mediocre experience though. The Halloween candy bit cracked me up though! This year, besides renting an RV, the new thing is my Dish coworker suggested I take the tablet PCs; the whole family watched TV, sometimes through the media system too. We streamed live and recorded TV from our Sling Adapter at home, and then just pulled up the programming on the Dish Remote Access App. It saved us from yelling at the kids for fighting, and entertained us when we were driving.


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