Monday, January 15, 2018 Ring Chain Necklace Blouse (Review)

Disclaimer: This review is of my own personal experience. I was not contacted by nor am I associated with I purchased this product with my own funds and am just sharing my experiences as a consumer. Your experience may differ from mine.

As a recent college graduate looking to get back into the workforce, I’ve been looking for clothes that make me look like a professional rather than someone that looks like they just rolled out of bed. I have a couple things that work against me in the clothing department: 1) I’m short. I’m 5’3” and those of you that are around the same height understand my struggle. We might find pants that look really cute but are made for giants or we might find a shirt that looks really cute but it looks like a nightgown on us. Also, fashion designers think that everyone has big boobs! I can find a shirt that fits in the waist but the boob area is so big that I might as well not wear a shirt because you can see EVERYTHING!

My second struggle is that I’m a plus size woman. The clothes look like they are made for a 90 year old woman! I mean what person, under the age of 50 or even 60, wants to look like their grandmother? Have designers even looked around the United States? Can they see that there are ALL types of body shapes? Yeah, yeah, yeah, I can lose the weight….for those of you that will comment that. Believe me, I’ve tried. Just look at my Instagram page where I posted photos of me doing 5k races. I was down a considerable amount of weight but life got in the way and I admit I let myself go. But for the meantime, I need clothes that fit me and make me look professional.

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If you’re still reading, let’s move on to the purpose of this post. I like to shop online, which is probably not a good thig, since you can’t try on your purchases before buying. I was browsing clothes on when I came across this really cute top. I made sure to read the sizing before I placed it in my shopping cart and checked out. I’m normally a size 22-24 or 3X. In reality I’m probably smaller but I don’t like shirts that cling to me so I purchase bigger than I should.

The top is a maroon color with a built in necklace. I purchased it for $30, normally $50. I figure the top could be worn under a blazer for work and the chain can be removed, which is nice. The color is slightly different than the photo online but not by much. It’s made out of 100% Polyester and is really thin but not see through. The only thing I don’t like is that you can see every lump and bump if you don’t wear Spanx. Also, I noticed that as I moved, the shirt got a lot of static, so I’ll probably have to find some static cling spray before I wear it. One last thing, I could have ordered a smaller shirt because this shirt tends to run big.

My overall experience is good and just keep in mind that the shirt runs a bit large. Also, because of the material, I'd wear Spanx to keep everything smooth.


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