Thursday, January 18, 2018

Social Media Is Making Us Angry

Hello readers! Earlier today I was catching up with some friends of mine on Facebook. One of my friends works at a local school and had made a post asking her followers to please say a prayer for a 7th grader in her school. There was no mention of the girl’s name, the school, or why the girl needed prayers.

Well, this created a HUGE debate on her personal Facebook page regarding the girl’s right to privacy. One of her followers wrote that if it was PERSONAL then my friend should not be writing about it on Facebook. Another said that she was violating HIPPA, which led to one person correcting that person and saying FERPA. All my friend was trying to do was ask for prayers and it ended up becoming this huge deal.

When did we become a world of heartless, uncaring ogres that we feel it is our duty to point out or call out people that do care? Can you imagine if you were in need of some prayers and you received nothing? No hope, no caring just angry, self-indulged ogres telling you that they don’t care enough about you to say a tiny little prayer? Now, I’m not a religious nut but I do believe in a higher power and really it doesn’t matter if you believe in God. The point is, someone needs you for strength and you should indulge them for their sake, not yours.

I apologize for my rant but it really bothered me that these people were bashing my friend for caring about this little girl and her family.


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