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Be A Memorable Job Candidate

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First impressions are something that happen within seconds and cannot be repeated. So, make that first impression count. Before a recruiter even contacts you, he or she has already began judging you. How? Based on your resume a recruiter may decide if they want to contact you or not. There is no need for crazy fonts, colors or templates. A nice, clean, and proofread resume will do the trick. Make sure to update the dates and include your duties in detail. Each position should have between 5 and 6 bullet points that describe what you did for the company.

If you made it past the resume stage, you can expect a call from a recruiter. This is the continuation of your first impression. Remember, the recruiter only knows you on paper at this point. The call is a way for you to introduce yourself to the company and talk about any information that isn’t on your resume. Highlight your strengths and describe what you can bring to the organization. What are your plans for helping the company reach their goals so you can achieve yours? The phone interview is also a time for you to ask questions about the job, company and what their expectations are of you. However, do your research before the phone interview so you don’t embarrass yourself by knowing nothing about the company. This will for sure cause the recruiter to second guess your eligibility.

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Your recruiter has now viewed your resume and spoken to you on the phone. It’s time to bring you in for your in-person interview. This is your chance to close the deal and land the job. This is also the first time the recruiter or hiring manager is seeing you. Dress in business professional attire, unless the recruiter tells you otherwise (suit jacket, dress shirt, dress pants, skirt, blouse, dress shoes) and don’t forget to bring your resume with you. If you are unsure how to dress, call the recruiter and ask. When you arrive to your interview try to arrive ten minutes early. You don’t want to be late as this can create a bad first impression. A firm handshake, smile and eye contact while introducing yourself helps you build a relationship with your recruiter. Its all about selling yourself and creating a memorable first impression.

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 During your interview don’t just go over your resume. Explain to the recruiter or hiring manager why they shouldn’t consider anyone else for the job. Tell them what you can do for the company. Don’t be afraid to prepare a presentation on how you may be able to help with a problem the company currently has. If they see your passion and you go that extra mile during your interview, they are going to remember you. Go into the interview thinking that you already have the job and if you present yourself poorly, you lose the job to your competitors (other candidates). Be careful not to be cocky though. This could be a turnoff. Confidence is powerful but arrogance can cost you the job.

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Finally, sending a thank you note the day after your interview shows the recruiter that you appreciate their time and that you are interested in the job. Its also a way to keep your name fresh in the recruiter’s mind when they go to present potential hires to their hiring manager. From the moment you submit your resume to the sending of a thank you note, you are creating an impression that should make you stand out among the crowd of candidates. 

Be confident, prepared and professional. Be memorable. The job is yours to lose.


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