Friday, November 15, 2019

Weird Conversation Between A Mom and Her Son

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For those that have been following A Mom From The Burbs, you may have noticed that I do not post pictures of my kids and if I do I block their faces. Not because I am ashamed of them, because I'm NOT but because I started the blog, not them. If they want to be included, then I will post their images. That being said I do post about them. I may share something from school or something they did on vacation but never any of the conversations we have, which could be a whole other blog in itself.

My boys are now 18 and 14 years old. My 14 year old is the funny one of the bunch. He can say some pretty weird, but funny stuff. He can also ask things that, as a mom, I may not want to discuss or get embarrassed about. He has NO filter and that's okay because I'd rather him hear about things from me than anyone else.

The other night we were watching Pitch Perfect, the first movie, which I feel is far better than the other Pitch Perfect movies. Watching the movie with him was a special treat for me because he is normally on the computer watching videos or playing games. He LOVES music, mostly the oldies and classical music. He thinks the kids at school might think he's weird if they find out but I think its fantastic he likes the older music.

Anyway, it was the part in the movie after the girls were initiated into the Bellas and all the acapella groups were partying. You know the part were Jesse yells, "We are the kings of campus!" My son looks at me and says, "Now their gonna get drunk and start banging." I look at him and say, "WHAT?!" I said to him, "Do you even know what the word "banging" means?" He says, "Yeah, sex." I say to him, "Why would you say that?" He says, "That's how they get you. They lure you in." Right before all this he asked me what a "virgin" was. I quickly changed the subject. I'll leave that one for another day.

As his mom, I'm glad he can talk openly with me but I want him to have a better image of girls. Not all girls are going to get drunk and "lure" him in. Before anyone says he is disrespectful, he is so not. He thinks girls are beautiful just the way they are (no need for makeup). Sometimes its hard for him to understand certain things because of his ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). It's my job to explain things in a way he can understand. He doesn't get basic jokes sometimes either.

I'll have to write down more of the conversations we have and share them. One of my co-workers told me we could make a sitcom based on the things my son says or does.

What are some of the strange conversations you have with your teen? (Keep it clean)


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