Thursday, October 14, 2021

Stop for the Red Light

From a crumpled up wreck to a new set of wheels. September 7th was a drive to work I'll never forget. I had a mug full of coffee, listening to my tunes, minding my business. I was waiting to turn at the intersection, the light turned yellow as I was sitting under the traffic light and I started to move when an SUV blew the yellow. I honked as she passed because I was annoyed she didn't stop. She had enough time to stop and I was in just as much hurry as she was. I had places to go too.

I looked at the traffic and saw they were stopping and by now the light had turned red. I was still under the light so I started clearing the intersection by starting my turn. I caught a black glimpse out of the corner of my eye before I heard the impact that spun my F-150 in the air, my air bags deployed, I couldn't see, the inside of the truck was full of the dust from the airbag and all I could think about was getting hit by a semi truck and never seeing my family again. I was terrified!! In a split second I looked out my windshield to see a Chevy Silverado I was headed towards. I yelled, tried hitting the breaks and braced myself as I hit the truck. He too was minding his business waiting for the light.

The man who hit me told the officers he was trying to "beat the light." He not only totaled his car, he totaled the Silverado and my F-150 all because he made the wrong decision that morning. I still have flashbacks and my neck still gets sore but I'm alive.

I have a new vehicle now and am picking the pieces up. That morning was unexpected as much of life is. I'm learning to appreciate the things I have that cannot be replaced. Slow down, stop for the light. You will still get to your destination, even if you are a couple minutes late. Stop for the light!!

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